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Grade Foreman Boot Camp

Four days of hands on training focusing on basic construction and surveying techniques.  Each student has hands-on time with the latest layout equipment and the latest CAD software.

Data Prep

An intensive 2-day course using the latest Carlson software.  Each student has their own laptop and works on a real world plan. You work from start to finish preparing the file and loading it into the data collector for layout. 

Concrete Layout

Our concrete layout course is 2-days of classroom and field training.  It's good for beginners and for a refresher course.  The training exercise allows you to work on a project from start to finish!

Why Construction Education Academy

What training used to be:

In the construction industry training used to involve finding someone with years of experience who was willing to take a young gun under their wing. Teaching them too carry a grade using only their dozer blade and a trained eye.  Learning to pull a tape using a paper plan for reference or simply calling the surveyor when all of the grade stakes were taken out by a careless dump truck driver.  The job could be down for a couple of days until...

What layout is today:

Those are the days of the past.  Now, we don't have time to wait for someone to come out and do layout at their leisure.  Now any construction company can do it themselves. We give you control from start to finish. Construction Education Academy is here to teach your guys what they need to ask the engineer for so they have control, we are here to teach them how to setup their GPS equipment, how to use their robots to save you time, money and a headache and keep the budget where it needs to be just in case that dump truck driver gets a little over zealous!

Why you need us:

Unfortunately, even though that older worker with a trained eye still exists he cannot train the new class.  Technology has leaped forward at greater speed than anyone expected it could and because of that there has been a lag in training.

This is where Construction Education Academy comes in.  We have been in the industry since the first laser level came out in the early 1980's.  We have been front and center learning about each new development so we can pass that information on to our customers, bringing the latest methods and equipment to your fingertips.

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